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There is Nothing to Do Right Now


I would like to give some amazying rally speech or vision of where to go from here but I don't have it.

Today's decision went counter to everything I had been told and everything I have seen about the league and their motivations. EVERYBODY outside of Sacramento said "at the end of the day they will vote on the deal points and Seattle has the best deal."

There are minor things. The money has to be put in escrow and the vote needs to happen. We've seen a Sacramento deal go south before but I'm not hanging my hat on any of that stuff or pretending that this is less than it is.

Right now the only thing that I know that makes sense is to take a collective deep breath and go out into this amazing Seattle evening. I'm going to have a drink, play with my kids and see what tomorrow brings.

Chris has put everything into bringing the NBA back. I owe him the attention to see what he has to say and where he wants to take it. I'm not sure that I can stay in for the prolonged ride and I can't react to what he says until I hear it but I'm taking the time to see his response and be supportive of whatever direction he points us.

We've been knocked down before and made the most of it. The last 5 years are the best years of my life, not the worst so if we have to extend the game we will see what happens and just do our best.