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News around the NBA on 4/30/13

While we were all focused on "The Decision", the NBA continued on creating other news as well.


Related to the NBA Board of Governors vote yesterday:

Tom Ziller shares how he believes Sacramento was able to convince the BOG that they should keep the Kings. I'd suggest NOT wading into the comments on this piece however.

Jonathan Tjarks shares how Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is disappointed, but is taking the "long view" on this situation.

NBA Playoffs:

Rodger Sherman covers the three three playoff games that went down yesterday. The Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets stayed alive, and the Atlanta Hawks evened up their series with the Indiana Pacers.

I did watch a bit of the game between the Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, and catch the end of that game. Chandler Parsons was playing out of his mind and was the reason the Rockets won. James Harden was just a bit off his game for most the night. And to see the Thunder miss out on pushing the game to overtime by about 1 inch on a Serge Ibaka put back attempt made me literally laugh out loud.



Other news:

Outsports covers the meaning of Jason Collins' coming out yesterday. A different take from an insider's perspective so to speak.

After spending this past season off of the sidelines, it appears as though Nate McMillian is trying to get back into the game - this time possibly with the Detroit Pistons.

Late additions:

NBA -- Owners reportedly prepared to keep Kings in Sacramento - ESPN
An NBA relocation committee recommends the Kings stay in Sacramento. What's next?

Seattle group ready to fight for Kings - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
It's going to get ugly. That's how a source close to the ownership group attempting to purchase the Sacramento Kings and move them to Seattle descri