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Thank God Its Friday

What a week!

It seems hard to believe that we rolled out our SB Nation debut just 5 short days ago. In that time a lot has happened:

  • Our site has already been recognized by local media as a leader of Sonics conversation and has the statistics to back it up. I have to honestly say that I have been blown away by the legitimacy and reputation of SB Nation. We are really lucky to be a part of them. In just our first week volume here is exceeding expectations and we have you to thank for it!
  • Volumes have exploded and new posters have emerged to leave some of the old family feeling overwhelmed.
  • We have seen a lot of strong emotional reactions to the move both here and on Sactown Royalty. I have been called a few names and some of our conversations have degenerated badly.
  • Some great debate surrounded an evolving moderation policy and making individual efforts to create a character and tone for this forum that we as Sonics fans can be proud of.
  • We had clashes with Sacramento fans but also a couple of moments of real candor, honesty and true compassion on both side.

I can’t say loud enough how proud I am of the SonicsRising team and of both teams fans for really contributing to the tenor of this conversation in a way that makes a bad situation slightly better. We have all had our moments of frustration and there are a few jerks on both sides who are not representative at all of the general respectful attitude between Sonics and Sacramento fans.

Use this thread to give your thoughts about the first week at SB Nation. Let us know what we can do to make it better, what type of articles would you like to see, moderation policies, etc.

And while you are at it PLEASE take the time this Follow Friday to ask your friends to participate in our conversations and to follow us @SonicsRising.