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Final Four Primer and Game(s) Thread

Trey Burke vs. Michael Carter-Williams and Wichita State vs. Louisville. Going to be a fun day of college hoops.


Today we get a huge marquee player match-up in the form of Trey Burke going against Michael Carter-Williams. These are two of the best players at the point guard position in college today and both are expected to be lottery picks on June 27th (if they declare) in the NBA Draft.

This is the first year since 1987 that a traditional NCAA powerhouse (Duke, UCLA, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky) has not been in the Final Four. I'm one of those people who don't mind. I think it's almost better to have Burke and Michigan in this game. We get to see the AP College Player of the Year and Wooden Award winner trying to pull a once proud program from the ashes.

Syracuse is looking to repair some of their image problems and get a second national championship for one of the five greatest coaches to ever walk the sideline (Jim Boheim). Want more info on the image issue look up the Bernie Fine saga.

Burke vs. MCW is going to be a great one on one battle. Syracuse will spend most of the time in their patented 2-3 zone, but MCW will always be close to Burke in some form. Using his 7'2" wingspan to try and force Burke into turnovers.

Trey Burke

Michael Carter-Williams


Points Per Game



Assists Per Game



Rebounds Per Game



Steals Per Game



Turnovers Per Game



Field Goal %



Free Throw %



Three Point FG %


Glenn Robinson III and Tim Hardaway Jr. are going to have to make their outside jumpers to soften the zone. This would open up the lanes to drive and that is where Burke is dangerous. He's amazing at getting into the lane, finding open teammates on the perimeter.

In the first game of the day, we get to watch Wichita State playing what many perceive to be the eventual champion, Louisville.

Louisville is playing for their teammate, Kevin Ware, who may have had the most disturbing injury I've ever seen during a sporting event. It's worse than Theisman broken leg, Psycho Sid broken leg and the Brian Holman line drive off his dome combined.

One of two things can happen with this game:

1. Louisville is going to come out emotionally charged and jump out to a huge lead, something along the lines of 16-2. From there they are either going to cruise to a 27 point win because Wichita State just folds in the tent and quits or...

2. Louisville jumps out to a huge lead as projected previously, but Wichita State holds tough and pends the next 30 minutes chipping away at the lead and makes this a game.

I'm looking at number two as the most likely scenario here. I think Wichita State has way too much pride and they are too well coached to get blown out here. This is a huge moment for their program. If you don't think it's huge look at what a single Final Four appearance did for Virginia Commonwealth and what two trips did for Butler.

As much as I would like to see a Wichita State-Michigan championship game, I think we get a Louisville-Syracuse final.

What are your predictions?