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Another Day in Paradise

Ronald Martinez

So today our potential ownership group made it really, really clear that they do not intend to let go or concede. Rumbling across the gossip wires are threats of litigation and a clear message that they will do whatever it takes to consumate a binding purchase and sale agreement, even if that means taking ownership of the team in Sacramento. Numerous reports have made it clear that Steve Ballmer is angry and is willing to go the distance and burn any bridge in order to resolve the situation via the Kings or expansion. If he is not satisfied it will get ugly.

I don't think extending the game further or moving into the Clay Bennett role was really anybody's goal. The fan base is balancing fatigue, disappointment and anger. It is obvious from the commentary that anger and determination are the fuel that will drive people to continue.

I'd like to take a moment to say that anger is not my primary motivator. I'm really saddened that it is going to go this way and in the event that we win a fist fight I will feel even worse for a great group of fans in Sacramento who will be hurt even worse by the process. It sucks but we are used to it.

I realize that I am still in this because sometimes the joy of playing the game is even greater than the sense of accomplishment when the buzzer sounds. This isn't work. I can't pretend that fighting this fight month after month is some grind that I hate and am being forced into. I've always loved being a Sonics fan and Chris Hansen has only made it better for every fan in this city. I love interacting with other Sonics fans and having a sense of purpose. I am really proud and impressed at the way basketball fans have made it about something bigger than 5 guys in green jerseys. Sonics fans are as big of a part of the city's culture as the team and the games every were.

So I'm going to stay on this joyous ride as long as all my friends will have me. I'm going to keep throwing fun events and cheering with all the great friends I've made along the way. I'm going to watch SonicsGate continue to be dominant, APLUS Foundation and all the local athletes make a huge difference in the community and be humbled as Shawn Kemp shows his love for the city by inviting us all to share time with him.

I'm done pretending this is a chore. This ride is just as amazing and special as the eventual outcome will be. I'm in this with Chris because its a lot of fun being a Sonics fan and I love being united with all my friends in this way. The ugliness can't change that.