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The Fight Is Not Over For Seattle

Kevin Nesgoda

For the first time today I wore my Sonics shooting shirt that I bought in 2007. Underneath that I have my "Beat OKC" shirt on. I had considered it a lucky shirt, still do, also wearing my lucky "Terps" hat that I wore everyday to my cancer treatments in 2007. When I look at this hat, when I put this hat on, it means it's time to fight.

The hat is on and it's not coming off.

Until Chris, Steve and Brian tell me to take it off and the fight is over, it's not coming off.

I have no idea where we go from here, but I know that I'm not quitting. I know you are all down right now and I know you are not going to quit. We've all been fighting for so long to let this setback slow us down. I don't like to quit and I don't like associating myself with quitters.

We are all strong and we are all tough. We can do this, we're going to get a team back here. The door hasn't been closed, there is always something that we can do. Another team we can attempt to buy or maybe with Silver as commissioner we work out a wink-wink expansion deal and have a new team in two years.

Nothing has changed in our situation. We're still fighting to get a team in Seattle. Same thing we were doing yesterday, last week, last month, last year, three years ago... you get my point.

We are not done here people. We are not done by a long shot.

If you need to take a few days, please do so. It's okay to step back for a bit, but I fully expect you to be right back on the front lines with Chris, Steve, Brian and everyone else.

We might not be watching basketball in the Key this fall, but no one told us that we won't be watching ball in the new SODO Arena in October of 2015.

Also, finally be grateful for all you have. You have life, you have air to breathe, you have a roof over your head, you have Chris still fighting, you still have Steve still fighting, you still have Sonics Rising still fighting to bring an NBA team back.