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Is this a victory for the NBA?


As per the commissioner who shall remain nameless - no. A victory for Sacramento? Certainly. Congrats to them. Without a question though, this did NOT go as the NBA would've liked. Yet another black eye for the NBA from dealing with Seattle.

So what comes next? Where do we go from here? Do we go from here?

If you're asking me, I'll be seeing this through. Why? Primarily because of the incredible effort put forth thus far by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. Until they are done, I'm in. I'm actually looking forward to whatever comes next.

Will it be a legal battle? Will it be trying to work something with the Maloofs who at least thus far are talking like they still have that door open? Is it waiting to see if the Sacramento arena plan and/or ownership group implodes? Is it expansion? I don't know. I really don't. I'll hope for expansion at this point, but whatever comes, I say bring it. I'll be here for it.

My passion for seeing the Sonics play in Seattle remains unchanged and unwavering. My friendships with Sonics fans existed long before 2008, have endured and in many cases strengthened since 2008, and will continue forward from this date.

I'm proud of the HBNW team. I'm proud of Brian Robinson for repping us, the Sonics and the city of Seattle so well. I'm proud of most of the commenter here for helping us build one of the most passionate user bases on SB Nation.

Am I hurt? Yep. I'll lick my wounds tonight so to speak. But in the list of things that have hurt me as a Sonics fan, today is surprisingly far down the list. As an homage to "High Fidelity", my top 5 most painful moments as a Sonics fan.

1. Clay Bennett's repulsive campaign that led to the Sonics leaving Seattle.

2. Dikembe. If I have to explain this, you're not a Sonics fan.

3. Gary Payton traded.

4. Today.

5. 1996 Finals.

So there you have it. Hope to see you around. I'll be here.