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Brian Robinson's Message to Sonics Fans



I apologize for a lack of participation over the last 24 hours. Between media obligations, catching up on badly neglected personal work and a regrouping that I think you can all understand it is extremely difficult to communicate to the level I would like. I have not been able to review people's comments or provide leadership that I would like.

I urge you all to please remain civil. Don't let the conversation degrade into profanity or hostility. That isn't what we need right now. Moderators are instructed to nip things in the bud early during this really emotional time.

Remember that 15 months ago we had no Chris Hansen and no vision for the future. In October we were ecstatic about the possibility of bringing a team here within a 5 year window. Today the only thing we know for certain is that our group is even more serious than we thought they were back then.

Below is a message I sent to my key supporters and former Arena Solution advisory committee. I will continue to to update you as things settle down:


Like most of you I am saddened by the results of yesterday's board of governors vote.

The vote needs to be acknowledged as a significant setback to plans which would have returned the NBA to Seattle this year. The Hansen group has however not conceded the fight as demonstrated by Hansen's statement at, "We do thank the league and the owners for their time and consideration and look forward to hearing back on our agreement to join the Maloofs as Limited Partners in the Kings."

The setback leaves the general public wondering what a revised timeline and next steps will be. It may necessitate a plan to retain the energy that has built over the last few years but at this moment I am advising my friends and supporters to take a deep breath and hold their responses until we see what further information or guidance Hansen and his team have to offer.

Despite my frustration with the NBA league offices I remain inspired by the people on the ground in Seattle. I realized long ago that my mission is not defined by David Stern but rather by all the good friends who have rallied around the Sonics to become involved in a broader vision for our region. This is about Seattle and being part of this movement remains among the most rewarding facets of my life. I look forward to continuing to be involved not only in efforts to bring the Sonics back but also to make sure that sports fans use our passion as an active force working to the benefit of the region.

Take heart Sonics fans. We knew this would be a long hard road and have survived setbacks before.

Go Seattle!