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Trey Burke: We Hardly Knew Ye

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

This is going to be the last article that I post that has to deal with how I'm feeling about the whole situation and the events of yesterday. Can't dwell on this for much longer, it's not healthy.

Outside of not getting the Kings yesterday, it was a 1000:1 shot or more that this was actually going to happen. I was more banking on the NBA being so blown away by Hansen/Ballmer that they would have all signed away their first born and a few first round draft picks to have Seattle in the league next year as an expansion team.

Deals like this don't come around often.

What kills me the most though after all the initial disappointment is not being able to buy a Trey Burke Sonics' jersey this summer. You all know how much I wanted Burke on the would be Sonics and now he's going to go off (probably Orlando), have a career, sell some jerseys in his new city and never even know about the love he would have had here in Seattle.

Oh well, i'm now done commiserating over something we had a long shot on anyway. Who knows, we may still get 20% of the Kings in the end.

I do know that later today I'm going to have a basketball (completely and totally Sonics history related) piece out today.