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Your Support is Needed

I would not have continued to fight for the Sonics if it were not for the inspiration provided by the Boom Squad(AKA The Massive Monkee Dance Crew). They and the rest of Seattle's artistic community have set an amazing example, combining their personal passion for dance and commitment to B-Boy culture with a deep pride in Seattle.

This fusion of civic pride and focus on a dream has staying power. The combination inspires people in a way that neither would likely be able to on their own and every time I wanted to quit it kept me in the game. The way they carry themselves, always repping for their city over themselves and knowing that civic pride is in and of itself is an accomplishment has provided model for our efforts around basketball.

In addition to ALWAYS being willing to show up as the Boom Squad when I need them they have invited me to join the board at their nonprofit, Extraordinary Futures where we teach those same values to kids and have partnered with Massive Monkees to open a community center, The Beacon where we provide after school drop-in space for kids to come and do their homework, hang out and be mentored.

I intended to come to you today and beg for Sonics fans to round out the last few thousand dollars for their KickStarter campaign to fund the Beacon's continued operations. Small donations of $10 to $50 can make a huge difference and if we had hit the minimum those last few donations could trigger a total $30,000 contribution.

Luckily Seattle has stepped up agian and we hit our goal. Still I hope that Sonics fans can take a moment to remember what the Boom Squad meant to us and pitch in even more to help these guys out.

It's been a long, hard week. PLEASE watch this video and remember the Boom Squad. If it makes you smile donate anything and sometime come out and watch them perform. It's our history.

I miss you Boom Squad.

To make your donation click HERE