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Kevin Durant is an Amazing Human Being

The Oklahoma City Thunder Superstar has donated a million dollars of his own money to help those in need from the devastating Oklahoma tornadoes.


Every city, every sports franchise, everyone should have a Kevin Durant in their lives.

His gesture of donating one million dollars to the Red Cross for the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes is unprecedented. I've never heard of an athlete donate as much as this for disaster relief. It's inspiring and makes you wish there were a lot more selfless athletes out there who would do the same exact thing.

That's a million dollars, cash money, straight into the fund to help provide people with food, water, shelter and clothing. That is immediate help to everyone one the ground as massive thunderstorms continue to pound the area.

Clay Bennett and the Thunder, along with Chesapeake Energy have also donated a million dollars.

This puts the whole fighting for a team in perspective and how small a blip basketball is in the grand scheme of life. I love basketball and I love the Sonics, but right now if there was still any ill-will toward Oklahoma City and Clay Bennett left in me, it's now gone. It sucks that it took something as absolutely devastating as this to finally rid those final feelings.

Oklahoma City deserves Kevin Durant right now.

Oklahoma City deserves a class organization like the Thunder right now.

Oklahoma City deserves our thoughts, prayers and donations right now. I cannot think of another US that is constantly marred in as much tragedy as they are. They've suffered enough.

Here is a great site that shows how you can help and donate to the fund.

Be well, OKC. Seattle and your great city have been pitted against each other for far too long over petty reasons. We at SonicsRising will be doing all we can to help you in this tremendous time of need.