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Chris Hansen Had A Deal With Phil Jackson To Run New SuperSonics

Phil Jackson appeared on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday morning to talk about his new book and to also talk about his interest with Chris Hansen and the new Seattle franchise.

NBC Sports/The Dan Patrick Show

The Zen Master appeared on my favorite morning sports show yesterday morning. In a thirty minute interview with Dan Patrick, Phil Jackson discussed his new book, "11 Rings: The Soul of Success," coaching Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and he also confirmed a long time rumor that has been floating around Seattle.

"I had an agreement with (Hansen)," Jackson said. "I thought he was dynamic, I thought he had great ideas, he went through the whole process of getting an arena. He did everything right — except, you know, win the franchise.

"But his vision I could buy into. I thought he had the right vision for a team. And he made, basically, the offer of ‘take what you want to take as a job’ — a consultant; if you want to be an owner, be a part owner … work in the basketball operations side if you want to; or coach. It didn’t matter to him."

While on SportsCenter this morning Jackson was asked if he had interest in any other jobs out there he would be interested in.

Jackson smiled and gave a simple two word, "Not currently."

It could be safe to say that it was the Seattle job or nothing for Jackson.

See the full interview from The Dan Patrick Show below.

Part 1

Part 2

Jackson talks about the Sonics 12 minutes in to part two.