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ArenaSolution Update 05/24/13

I sent this mail out earlier today:

I appreciate those of you have taken the time to reach out to me over the last couple of weeks and assure you all that I am just fine. Like many of you I have felt discouraged and let down by the NBA’s current commissioner. The lack of a clear next step has left me wondering what to do and how to show my support at this time when enthusiasm feels so badly needed.

In that time our ownership group has issued two public statements reaffirming their commitment to the project. Additionally they have begun the process of reaching out to associates and supporters, offering personal reassurance that this setback represents a delay but will not cause them to abandon their efforts. The group reportedly met shortly after the BOG vote with each member opting to stay in the game and move forward to the next opportunity.

I am reminded that it is easy to jump on the bandwagon when momentum is going our team’s way but more challenging to retain that passion at times of adversity when unconditional support and faith in leadership are often needed the most. As leaders in the fan community we can provided a needed example to our friends and the general public by processing our disappointment quickly and moving on to the next attempt with as much passion as we brought for this one. It may not seem like much but a little enthusiasm right now can make a big difference. These owners deserve to know they have our support.

18 months ago we started ArenaSolution with nothing. We had no ownership group, no arena, and no hope of pursuing the Kings or any other team. Thanks to Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer, Wally Walker, Pete Nordstrom & Erik Nordstrom for all the progress you have made in such a short period of time. Thanks to everybody else for the tireless energy, enthusiasm and all the sacrifices that have gotten us this far

I am done grieving! If those guys are still in it I am in it with them!

Pick yourselves up off the ground and enjoy the long weekend Sonics fans. We’ve earned the rest and still have some work to do.