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I'm no Chris Hansen

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For starters I always forget to say "I'm not here to put words into people's mouths."

The concept that you are not speaking for others is an important one and I always just forget to reiterate it enough. On the radio, TV etc. it is a really easy trick to imply that you speak for something larger than yourself, never really saying it but allowing people's minds to wander that direction on their own.

I often use that crutch unintentionally because I get insecure in my role, position or ability to make an impact on my own. People hear my interviews and they assume I'm talking on behalf of somebody else, adding additional weight and power to my words. Hansen on the other hand never forgets to add that he is only speaking for himself. Nobody doubts his ability to make an impact and he speaks with such sincerity and purpose that adding extra weight is simply not necessary.

I would speculate (I don't want to put words in his mouth) that while both Hansen and I were similarly angered by the outcome of the vote he is a lot better at putting those emotions aside, realizing that he got to show the whole NBA a really great plan that they will not be able to resist for long. I honestly don't know how he can stay so calm given the fact that he has about $100 Million more dollars invested in this project than I do and has busted his ass for 3 years to get it this far.

Tip of the hat to Chris Hansen for a really special interview on SportsRadio 950 yesterday. As usual it was exactly what was needed. His ability to get the general public to embrace a vision based on values and rational thought is unlike anything I have ever seen in business, politics or sports and far beyond my capabilities in an interview.

I try hard to be like Hansen but am not always successful.

For example I have never sued anybody either but I am not pragmatic enough to ever take litigation off the table like he just did. As distasteful the concept is I just think that all options have to be reserved as a last resort and sometimes the law is what defines those options.

While I am more restrained than most I don't keep my cool nearly as well as he does. I probably would have lost my temper and filed some big lawsuit that would be immediately gratifying but long term been regrettable as one of those stupid things I did out of pride before regaining my composure.

In his masterpiece Enter the Dragon Seattle icon Bruce Lee instructs that a successful warrior embraces the ability to "Fight without Fighting", an art that Hansen has clearly mastered. He seems to always be able to position himself in a way that is in favor of a good outcome without ever being "against" anything. We saw yesterday that he is not against Sacramento, the NBA, David Stern or anti-arena forces. He is pro-Seattle and supportive of a plan that will make everybody happy.

I lack his subtlety and while I want to fight without fighting it does not come as easily to me. My personal experience tells me that sometimes the best way to support a pragmatic vision is to attack the opposing vision before it gets comfortable. My mentality is often to engage in conflict early with the belief that conflict is inevitable.

While Chris has the confidence to say he is not worried about political issues arising I am too insecure to just ignore Peter Steinbrueck out there doing his best to support an agenda that directly counters the things I value. I believe that it is bad policy to allow opponents like Steinbrueck to gain any momentum. Even if it seems like that momentum can't make a difference why take a chance?

Make sure that you and everybody you know are prepared to vote in this Mayoral primary.

I intend to fight. It's what I know after 7 years of this mess.