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Friday Night Game Six(es) Game Thread

Tonight ESPN and ESPN2 is running simultaneous double-headers for huge game sixes in the NBA Playoffs.


Tonight we have four big game sixes and it's only appropriate that since this is a basketball blog we talk some basketball since there is no other news happening.

New York Knicks at Boston Celtics
Channel: ESPN
Time: 4PM

Quick predictions:
Kevin - Celtics
Steve- Knicks
Mr. Baker - Knicks
Paul - Celtics
Chris - Knicks

Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks
Channel: ESPN2
Time: 4PM

Quick predictions:
Kevin - Pacers
Steve - Hawks
Mr. Baker - Pacers
Paul - Pacers
Chris - Pacers

Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets
Channel: ESPN
Time: 6:30PM

Quick predictions:
Kevin - Rockets
Steve - Rockets
Mr. Baker- Rockets
Paul - Rockets
Chris - Thunder

Los Angeles Clippers at Memphis Grizzlies
Channel: ESPN2
Time: 6:30PM

Quick predictions:
Kevin - Grizzlies
Steve - Grizzlies
Mr. Baker- Grizzlies
Paul - Clippers
Chris - Grizzlies