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Anger Management

In his media appearances earlier this week, our friend and champion Chris Hansen told us something that we didn't necessarily want to hear, as summed up in the following transcript at

"If you want the Sonics back, it's a good time to get over the anger and frustration and show what a great city we are . . . If there's constant anti-NBA, anti-commissioner (talk), it will hurt us. The NBA is smart - they know we wouldn't take this well. They know Sacramento wouldn't have taken it well if they lost. Grieving, anger and frustration is to be expected."

Wait. What?!?!?!

Get over our anger at the NBA? Get over our anger toward David Stern? Get over the way Stern opened the post-vote press conference by announcing his travel plans to Oklahoma City?

Yup. That is what Chris is asking us to do. He's not asking us to like David Stern. I can't imagine that he likes Stern any more than we do. He is, however, asking us to put our anger behind us for the sake of achieving what we all want. The return of the Sonics.

We could go round and round about whether or not we want to let go of our anger. I personally have already decided to do so, which won't be easy because my anger is genuine. For those of you who want to join me in this decision, I offer four helpful tips to help the medicine go down.


We can't take our anger out on the one we are angry with because it would defeat the purpose. We can't take it out on our wives or children or the family pet because it would be wrong. So I suggest the Ben Stiller way.


No matter what is going on around us to tick us off, if we can force ourselves to sing a happy song, there's no chance we can stay angry. Try the Jack Nicholson approach and TRY to stay angry. I dare you.


Some times we have to meditate on something besides the NBA. Something richer. Something more meaningful.


Some times anger is born of a poor self image. Even the great Michael Jordan sometimes struggles with this. Daily words of affirmation can be very helpful. Try the Stuart Smalley method.

I hope these simple techniques will help us get through this. I listed only four, but there are many others.

Peace out.