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Nate McMillan set to interview with Bucks, Lakers

Mr. Sonic is set to interview with multiple teams this week.


Nate McMillan was only out of work for a year before suitors came calling. Mr. Sonic is scheduled to interview with the Milwaukee Bucks this week in regards to their head coaching gig and will also meet with current Los Angeles Lakers coach, Mike D'Antoni as for a defensive assistant spot.

McMillan led the Sonics to an amazing run in 2005, taking an overachieving team to a 52-30 record and the number three seed in the West. The Sonics would eventually lose to the would be champion Spurs in the West Semis.

McMillan signed with the rival Portland Trailblazers on July 7, 2005. In Portland McMillan had a 266-269 record.

He was also a defensive assistant under US National coach, Mike Krzyzewski since 2006. Winning a Bronze in the World Games and two Olympic gold medals in his stead.

Last week McMillan interviewed with the Detroit Pistons for their head coaching job as wel.