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NBA Expansion/Coyotes Relocation Rumors

A new batch of rumors to have fun with.

Doug Pensinger

New rumors surfaced today regarding the potential return of the Sonics and a potential relocation to Seattle of the Pheonix Coyotes.

In an article at, Ken Campbell lays out an exciting scenario in which the Coyotes relocate to Seattle and play in Key Arena this Fall. Read the full story here. Here is quote from the article.

Here's how things could work. The Gosbee group will buy the team for an announced price of $170 million. That's the easy part. Then comes the deal with the City of Glendale and whether or not it is willing to spend money it doesn't have to keep the team there or risk leaving the Arena without a major tenant. Speculation is that if Gosbee's group cannot come up with a suitable deal to keep the Coyotes in Glendale, Seattle then becomes a viable option. The team would play out of the antiquated Key Arena in Seattle until the new arena is built. It would not be the ideal situation, but it's the best option at the moment.

As for the NBA expansion rumors, they were fueled by the following tweets from our old friend, Tim Montemayor...

Tim Montemayor ‏@TheMontyShow 9h
Several #NBA sources in the know tell me there have been productive talks on expansion in #Seattle As the league preps for a new TV ...

Tim Montemayor ‏@TheMontyShow 9h
...Deal they have discussed a timetable but have not settled the issue. I am also told the H&B group are aware of a working plan to...

Tim Montemayor ‏@TheMontyShow 9h
Return the #NBA to #Seattle and were told as much and acknowledged their preference to have a new franchise at the end of the #NBAKings saga

Tim Montemayor ‏@TheMontyShow 9h
It was again made clear to me today that Chris Hansen did an about face in attitude and tone late in the #NBAKings fight and that is the ...

Tim Montemayor ‏@TheMontyShow 9h
Only reason expansion would be "likely and viable" in #Seattle it is believed Hansen is one of the few or the only one who can overcome ...

Montemayor has been consistent with this line of reporting for quite a while now, so the concept is nothing new. However, he still keeps hearing this stuff from his sources.

Don't go too crazy with these rumors, but don't dismiss them either. Be hopeful, but don't get your hopes up.

Remain on an even keel.