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San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat Game 6 of 2013 NBA Finals

One question pops up immediately to me in this series: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH IT!?


The Spurs and the Heat are putting on some very fun basketball. Some extremely fun basketball if you will, but rarely is it four straight quarters of fun basketball. In my previous column setting up game five I said that Manu Ginobili was done and that Erik Spoelstra was out coaching Gregg Popovich.

Well Manu showed up and Pop took young Erik to school in the third and fourth quarters.

Spoelstra is the defacto creator of small ball, Pop matched him and nothing the Heat did on Sunday night worked. LeBron James actually did a great job playing center in the third quarter for a small stretch. He held Tim Duncan scoreless and had a block, but the game was slipping away. Manu was hot, Danny Green broke Ray Allen's NBA Finals three point record, Boris Diaw contributed and Gary Neal did Gary Neal things.

It's also not like James didn't get help from Dwyane Wade (25 points, 10 assists, 2 blocks and a steal) or from Chris Bosh (16 points, six boards) or Allen (21 points, 70% from the field). The Miami big three played well, it's just that everyone else did not bother to show up.

Mario Chalmers had seven points on 2-10 shooting, Mike Miller had zero points on a single field goal attempt, Norris Cole didn't score in seven minutes of play and Shane Battier scored six points on 2-6 from three, but made Adam Morrison look mobile comparatively on defense.

Former Sonic, Rashard Lewis, was 0-1 from the field in the 1:27 he got to play.

What happens tonight in game six?

I have no idea and nor does anyone else.

Well except maybe David Stern. The one and only Joey Crawford is assigned as the lead official tonight. The Spurs are 0-1 when Crawford is the lead ref in the Finals. They got blown out in game two, 103-84.

In the 12 games this home team is 7-5, 45.6 fouls are called, 190.6 points are scored and weirdly enough the road team barely gets a lower percentage of fouls called, 49.9 to 50.1 for the home team.

Going off percentage and the fact that Crawford is calling the game (rumors are he was supposed to call game seven) my prediction is that I'm going to watch the game and make no prediction for the game because I think I've been dead wrong for every game.

Hopefully the second half doesn't suck.