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Chris Daniels: Action Adventure Star - Hockey tidbits

Martin Rose

We need a new thread, so here are some tidbits from Monday, June 24...


Chris Daniels did his best Indiana Jones impression, searching the world over and finally finding the mysterious Zambonis of Key Arena. You thought they were a myth, but you were wrong. He also discovered that the ice making system at the arena is still fully functional after all these years. He made a video and print report here, but here is a passage from the story.

Yet Key Arena, can still be put on ice, if you believe the engineers who work deep in the bowels of the building.

"These are the condenser water pumps," says Fred Young, the building engineer, as he walks through the inner workings of the Key. "We have two ice making machines (and) 250-ton rotary screw R-22 compressors." Young has worked at Seattle Center for a quarter century, and says "the system works pretty well." The labyrinth of pipes beneath the seats helps to cool the ice making surface, and Young says it can be done in about 10 hours. The Ice Sheet would take longer to form.

The computerized network is given a test every month, says Young. "We take it down to about 5 degrees to make sure the equipment is working."


As the weekend ended there was some anticipation that the ongoing lease negotiation in Glendale would yield a public release of the pertinent details on Monday. It didn't happen.

Chris Daniels ‏@ChrisDaniels5 9h
MT @PaulGiblinAriz: #Glendale will not release deal pts of emerging #Coyotes agreement today. City Council will meet in private again Tues.


This really has nothing to do with the potential return of the Sonics or the potential relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes, but it's definitely cool for the City of Seattle. It's probably also not bad for Mayor McGinn's re-election campaign.

Mayor McGinn ‏@mayormcginn 14h
Great news: @GigabitSeattle announces its pricing plan, includes 1 gig per second (up and down) for $80/mo. ... ^rc

Mayor McGinn ‏@mayormcginn 14h
We're one step closer to bringing gigabit speed broadband to Seattle. Excited to see how residents & businesses can innovate with this.

Mayor McGinn ‏@mayormcginn 14h
1st of 14 areas served will be U-District, Capitol Hill-First Hill-Central District. Others to come in 2014: ... ^rc