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2013 NBA Mock Draft v2.0

With the actual NBA draft just hours away, Kevin gives us his final and migraine free mock.



Victor Oladipo

Cleveland Cavaliers

There is a rumor going round that Cleveland doesn't think anyone in this years draft can start for them except possibly Oladipo. Yes, they took Waiters last year at number four, but Oladipo's ceiling is much higher and is going to probably be one of the better defensive two guards we'll ever see in the NBA.


Nerlens Noel

Orlando Magic

I don't think Noel ever develops an offensive game that makes him a "must" starter in the league. He'll be solid defensively, but he'll never unseat Nicola Vucevic in Orlando as their full time starter.


Otto Porter Jr.

Washington Wizards

The Bulls covet this pick more so than the Wizards do. Not sure why the Wizards wouldn't roll the dice with a kid from the DMV


Anthony Bennett

Charlotte Bobcats

The Bobcats probably take McLemore here, but he's the same type of player as Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. There are rumors that MKC is on the block, but not so sure of that.


Ben McLemore

Phoenix Suns

The Suns need some perimeter scoring and they need it bad. McLemore would be the best fit here and entirely possible that he does some how fall to five when he spent most of the year as the projected number one overall pick.


Alex Len

New Orleans Pelicans

Point guard or Center? I say that the Pelicans go center. All signs point to Austin Rivers being a total bust, but they do have a very serviceable and very underrated Greivis Vasquez running the show. Let Monty Williams coach Len up and let him develop slowly behind Robin Lopez.


CJ McCollum

Sacramento Kings

The Kings need a pure point guard, but it appears they love them a good scoring point guard. Look for McCollum to go here and probably be the start next season over Isaiah Thomas even though they are virtually the same player except McCollum is six inches taller and doesn't have to look up the word defense in the dictionary after every timeout.


Trey Burke

Detroit Pistons

Lot of rumblings coming out Detroit that the Pistons haven't had a true point guard since Chauncey Billups left. Well why not grab the best one off the board and let him learn from the guy who taught Russell Westbrook to be a decent one.


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Minnesota Timberwolves

This is probably the safest pick in the draft. Minnesota desperately needs a shooting guard and hey look there is a decent one here on the board. Poor Luke Ridnour will be relegated back to the bench. Not that Ridnour might not be a better starting shooting guard next season over KCP.


Michael Carter-Williams

Portland Trailblazers

The Blazers need a backup PG in the worst way for Rookie of the Year, Damian Lillard. This also another given. They'd prefer Trey Burke but I don't know if they move up to get Burke or see if the rumors of MCW leap frogging him on other boards comes true.


Sergey Karasev

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers need a lengthy wing scorer. Karasev reminds me a bit of Tony Kukoc in the way he can score the ball effortlessly from the wings.


Cody Zeller

Oklahoma City Thunder

So apparently Sam Presti and company are very high on Alex Len are willing to move this pick, the 29th and Kendrick Perkins' non-expiring deal to get him. No one wants Perkins. If this was next year's draft, I could see a team rolling the dice on a year of Perkins to have two picks. Not this year though.


Steven Adams

Dallas Mavericks

This pick will not belong to the Mavericks by the time they draft tonight. Who ends up here is completely up in the air. So I'm going to put Adams here because I think he has a chance to play with four teams before his rookie deal expires.


Shane Larkin

Utah Jazz

Jazz need a point guard desperately, but they also need some size up front. Larkin is the safer pick. He's athletic, he's a leader and he can score. Something the Jazz didn't have with Earl Watson and whomever else last year.


Shabazz Muhammad

Milwaukee Bucks

With Monta Ellis opting out and heading elsewhere next year, it makes sense for the Bucks to take Muhammad here to fill in at shooting guard.


Lucas Nogueira

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are going to be drafting tonight without a coach and their two biggest names on the trade block. I think Celtics take Nogueira here. Not sure if they stash him or play him at center next year next to Jared Sullinger and tank for Wiggins. I think the latter.


Kelly Olynyk

Atlanta Hawks

Olynyk has a decent skill set, but I don't see it translating to the NBA game at all. I think he'll be a decent backup big man, but he should never play more than 10 minutes a night.


Giannis Anteokounmpo

Atlanta Hawks

I think this kid could eventually be a stud. He's not NBA ready and is probably going to have to be stashed for two more seasons before he makes his way to the states.


Mason Plumlee

Cleveland Cavaliers

I considered Reggie Bullock with this pick, but then remembered that Wayne Ellington is on the bench and is the same exact player and that the Cavs desperately need front court depth.


Reggie Bullock

Chicago Bulls

If there was a playoff team that relied more on its starters than the Chicago Bulls let me know. The Bulls need a guy who can come in and stroke it from three off the bench.


Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz

Well here is the size and length the Jazz need, just not the girth to rebound in the NBA. He's not athletic, but he can be stashed for a couple years to develop his body and his skills a bit more.


Isaiah Canaan

Brooklyn Nets

Canaan is probably the best pure scoring guard in the draft and is going to be instant offense off the bench for the Nets with this pick. Something they were missing desperately last year.


Jamaal Franklin

Indiana Pacers

I love the Pacers front court and current depth they have. Didn't like what happened to the Pacers when George, Stephenson and Hill all went to the bench. Franklin is a tough defender and can score a bit. Would really great fit in Indiana.


Dennis Schroeder

New York Knicks

Definitely has the most swag out of any guard or other player really for that matter in this year's draft. Knicks need a point guard badly to fill in behind Felton.


Tim Hardaway Jr.

Los Angeles Clippers

Hardaway can play the two and three spots in the NBA. An area the Clippers need some depth at.


Allen Crabbe

Minnesota Timberwolves

Why not continue to stockpile shooting guards... well ya know, just in case.


Erick Green

Denver Nuggets

I don't expect the Nuggets to be here at all when this pick comes around, but why not get a scoring guard who can learn behind Lawson and the ageless Andre Miller if they do stay at this spot.


Tony Snell

San Antonio Spurs

There was some dropoff at production at SF when Kawhi Leonard went to the bench for the Spurs. Snell could be a sniper off the bench for them.


Rickey Ledo

Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder need more depth at the two spot. Sefolosha can't score, Kevin Martin is hit and miss sometimes, might be a reasonable pick. Especially if they can let Ledo develop in the D-League for most of the year. Unless injuries happen.


Peyton Siva

Phoenix Suns

The Suns need a backup point guard to Goran Dragic in the worst way. They don't have the assets to move up and get a better one, but there are worse options than Siva who just lead his college team, the Louisville Cardinals, to a National Championship.