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2013 NBA Draft Live Thread

Taylor Made and Friend at the 2013 NBA Draft.
Taylor Made and Friend at the 2013 NBA Draft.
Taylor Bartle

Welcome to the 2013 NBA Draft, Sonics Rising - No Team Edition. I am your host for the evening and I am going to be providing live picks with instant grades and analysis. Plus I am going to be rating the trades as they happen and it does seem that there are going to be many, many trades tonight.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Anthony Bennett

Instant Analysis: Did not see this coming. I am in complete shock. Where di this come from? How did this happen? I didn't even consider how he would fit on the Cavs. Cleveland already has a guy cemented in at the PF position. Wow.

Instant Grade: C


Orlando Magic

Victor Oladipo

Instant Analysis: Great pick for the Magic. They are getting the best perimeter defender in the draft. He's going to be an instant starter and going to push the Magic toward an eighth seed next year.

Instant Grade: A


Washington Wizards

Otto Porter Jr.

Instant Analysis: This make the Wizards better, instantly. They have a solid, young 1-3. Porter can guard four spots on the floor. Like most Georgetown players, I do question his big game make up.

Instant Grade: B+


Charlotte Bobcats

Cody Zeller

Instant Analysis: WHAT A REACH!?

Instant Grade: F


Phoenix Suns

Alex Len

Instant Analysis: Love this pick for the Suns. He can come along slowly behind Marcin Gortat. He's going to continue to grow offensively and is above average defensively.

Instant Grade: A


New Orleans Pelicans

Nerlens Noel

Instant Analysis: He's a poor man's version of Anthony Davis. I don't understand this pick at all.

Instant Grade: F


Sacramento Kings

Ben McLemore

Instant Analysis: Love this pick for the Kings. They need a guy who can score at the two spot. This probably signals the end of the Tyreke Evans experiment in Sactown.

Instant Grade: A


Philadelphia Gets

New Orleans Gets

Nerlens Noel
2014 First Round Pick
Jrue Holiday

Instant Analysis: Love this trade of the Hornets. They get a solid back up for Greivis Vasquez at point and probably a lottery pick in a loaded draft next year

Grade: A for New Orleans | F for Philly


Detroit Pistons

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Instant Analysis: Detroit needed a true point guard over a shooting guard. Dumars does it again!

Instant Grade: F


Minnesota Timberwolves

Trey Burke

Instant Analysis: I don't get this pick at all. They don't need a point guard. I don't understand.

Instant Grade: F


Portland Trailblazers

CJ McCollum

Instant Analysis: Was hoping that He'd fall to Portland. Blazers needed a player like this coming off the bench.

Instant Grade: B+


Minnesota Gets
Shabazz Muhammad
Gorgui Dieng

Utah Gets
Trey Burke

Instant Analysis: Burke is going to be a star in Utah. Great swap for the Jazz. Have to wait and see what the Timberwolves do with their picks before I grade them.

Grade: A for Jazz


Philadelphia 76ers

Michael Carter-Williams

Instant Analysis: Can't shoot, can't finish, but good defensively and is an excellent passer. Has great height for the position.

Instant Grade: C


Oklahoma City Thunder

Steven Adams

Instant Analysis: Not very high on Adams. Wonder how much he'll play in OKC.

Instant Grade: F


Dallas Mavericks

Kelly Olynyk

Instant Analysis: On his way to Boston. Could potentially be a starter in Boston next year.

Instant Grade: N/A


Boston Gets

Dallas Gets

Kelly Olynyk

2013 #16 pick
Two 2014 second rounders

Instant Analysis: Boston gets a much needed front court player and Dallas gets more cap freedom.

Grade: A for both team


Utah Jazz

Shabazz Muhammad

Instant Analysis: This is a wing player the Timberwolves need. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he could possibly work out in Minnesota.

Instant Grade: B-


Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Instant Analysis: Have to wonder if he gets to play in the league next year or if he's going to be coming this year. I still like him. Tremendous Upside!

Instant Grade: A


Boston Celtics

Lucas Nogueira

Instant Analysis: Not sure where he ends up. I'm sadly not too familiar with him.

Instant Grade: N/A


Atlanta Hawks

Dennis Schroeder

Instant Analysis: I love this kid. He's fast, huge wing span, was a kid playing against men in the German league. He could come in and start right away.

Instant Grade: B


Atlanta Hawks

Shane Larkin

Instant Analysis: I like Shane Larkin. Got to see him play a lot at Miami and he's a winner. He'll work harder than you and he'll out hustle you.

Instant Grade: B


Cleveland Cavaliers

Sergey Karasev

Instant Analysis: I thought he'd the first international player taken. I think he's got a solid upside and is very smooth. He won't start, but he'll be a solid role player.

Instant Grade: B


Chicago Bulls

Tony Snell

Instant Analysis: Total steal for the Bulls at this spot. I like Snell in a sniper role coming off the bench for them.

Instant Grade: A


Utah Jazz

Gorguie Dieng

Instant Analysis: If Utah loses either Jefferson or Milsap or both, Dieng won't be able to fill those shoes, but he should be a solid back up. But it really doesn't matter, he's headed to Minnesota.

Instant Grade: C


Brooklyn Nets

Mason Plumlee

Instant Analysis: He'll never be a starter in the league, but he's a hustle guy and a banger. He will do his best to out work you.

Instant Grade: C


Indiana Pacers

Solomon Hill

Instant Analysis: I don't anyone who had him as a first round talent. This is definitely a reach.

Instant Grade: F


New York Knicks

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Instant Analysis: The second best player on the National Runner-ups from last year. I think this is a solid pick for them. Be interesting to see how much playing time he gets, especially since JR Smith opted out.

Instant Grade: C+


Los Angeles Clippers

Reggie Bullock

Instant Analysis: Great pick for the Clippers! They needed another shooter to help out Paul on the wings.

Instant Grade: B-


Minnesota Timberwolves

Andre Roberson

Instant Analysis: This pick has been traded to GSW who then traded it to OKC. Who may also trade this pick. Sheesh!

Instant Grade: N/A


Denver Nuggets

Rudy Gobert

Instant Analysis: But he's being traded, not sure to whom yet.

Instant Grade: N/A


San Antonio Spurs

Livio Jean-Charles

Instant Analysis: Spurs are going international and stash again. I've never heard of this guy so I cannot grade. He's from France.

Instant Grade: N/A


Oklahoma City Thunder

Archie Goodwin

Instant Analysis: This pick appears to be going to the Suns.

Instant Grade: N/A


Phoenix Suns

Nemanja Nedovic

Instant Analysis:Stash? I have no idea who this is.

Instant Grade: N/A