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July 2nd

Jamie Sabau

Yesterday's news of a July 2nd vote in Glendale is great news for Seattle fans.

Not great because I am assuming they will vote down the deal and the franchise will move to Seattle.

More importantly it is great news because it tells us clearly when this thing will end.

I think that we are all smart enough to know that getting super emotionally invested in this deal is not a good idea. We've been through it before and every report has been consistent that the chances of it happening are contingent upon Glendale's action. Reported Seattle interests have not made a single public comment and do not appear to control, or really even influence the situation until that deal is resolved one way or another.

July 2nd is a reasonable window for me. I can continue to maintain excitement and interest in the concept without becoming emotionally invested or irrationally hopeful for 4 days.

Its fun to have something to talk about.