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About Sonicsgate

I just want to take a moment to give credit to the guys at Sonicsgate who are debuting a new project at The Seattle International Film Festival this Thursday.

Sonicsgate was both a significant voice AND a major strategic participant in efforts to retain fan enthusiasm after the team's departure. They don't get enough credit for the subtleties of their messaging, the tactical consideration they applied to every move and the timeliness of their efforts. They stepped up right when our efforts at Save Our Sonics were feeling lost and directionless. A new crew with fresh energy stepping up to fill the gap was amazing. They were so, so smart and effective.

They have often been misinterpreted by the league. I've heard them described as "an anti-NBA terrorist organization." and know that in some ways we pay a price for the perceived conflict between the fans of Seattle and NBA leadership. This attitude totally disregards their overwhelming message that they were taking desperate actions based on their love of the product and desire to bring the NBA back. While I am sure that there are people in the league office who don't like being constantly reminded of their own failings and the botched execution here in Seattle. What they don't understand is that the stark honesty with which Sonicsgate approached the situation was an essential component to help us all process the pain and move forward. We could not have done it otherwise.

Since relocation was denied I have certainly felt their absence. We have not heard a clear message from Jason Reid and I have barely had time to speak with him about the issue. I am really happy for them to be so busy with other projects. Last month they debuted K2: Siren of the Himalayas at the Tellerude Film Festival. This Thursday and again on Sunday the crew that brought you Sonicsgate presents Evergreen: The Road to Legalization.

I can't wait to see their whole team at the premier. I am anxious for the to re-engage with Sonics fans and also excited to see who will step up to be "the next Sonicsgate" and come out of the blue to bring new energy and ideas to this effort. We've had an amazing run of talented young people deciding that they wanted to invest passion and energy in this process.

Thanks always to Sonicsgate for their efforts. I can't wait to support you on all your future projects.