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Hoist The Colors!

Got Sonics memorabilia? Wha'cha got?!?

Paul Silas
Paul Silas

Wow. Has the flow of Sonics related news slowed down to less than a drip or what? We really have no idea when it will grab the headlines again either.

So, while we're waiting, I thought this would be a good time to hoist the colors and show our Sonics pride. We may be bummed by our current circumstances, but they (whoever they are) can't take our pride away unless we give them permission.

I'm posting some pictures below to show my meager ... seriously meager ... Sonics collection. Though many of you have huge collections, I've never been much of a gatherer. But such that I have...


This is the one that I am both most proud of and most ashamed of.

Why proud? Hey, it's Paul Silas' autograph! I don't remember precisely when I got this from him. It could have been during the 1978-79 season. Heck. It might even be a pre-signed picture. I used to have the same for Gus Williams and a couple of the other guys. No clue what happened to the rest.

Why ashamed? Look at it. It's in terrible condition and I should've taken better care of it.



I know. It's a hat. Big whoop, right? Well it may not be the coolest. It may need a bath. It may not be the logo that we all like. But it's mine, so deal with it.



Some of you might remember this one from last year at the joint City and County Council arena hearing. I didn't own a jersey. Didn't have time to shop for one. So I made one. You can't see the colors very well in this picture, due to my sucky camera phone, but it's a yellow muscle shirt that I converted into a Gus Williams jersey with nothing more than a green marker. It's pathetic. It's lame. It's NEVER getting thrown away, given away, or sold. NEVER. I love it.



I'm guessing most of you have one of these. This one actually belongs to my daughter because mine is in the dirty clothes. These were given to me after I spoke at the city-county hearing. That was a great night for our movement. These shirts also are NEVER going away.



Maybe you have a huge and excessively cool collection. Maybe you have a meager one like mine. Maybe you only have one item.

So here's another opportunity to show your Sonics pride. Take some pictures of ANY Sonics related items you have and post them here, perhaps with a short description. Whether it's pictures of Sonics gear/memorabilia or pictures from a rally or arena hearing, we want to see them.

Hoist the colors!!!