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NBA Free Agency - The 2013 Version


Chris Paul has already taken himself off the market agreeing to terms with the Los Angeles Clippers.

I'm still inclined to say Dwight Howard goes to Houston, and I've thought that for quite some time. The only other place that could still be in contention in my mind is the Los Angeles Lakers, but moving forward I don't see him and Mike D'Antoni ever working well together.

Andrew Bynum - I'd give him a one year contract, or at most 2 year, with possibly team options beyond that. But that is a whole lot of gamble right there. No way I touch that if I was in the top 6 of the conferences last season. Someone has to take a chance on him, and if he is healed and can return to form you all of a sudden might find your team in the playoff hunt.

Andre Iguodala - I'd give the Nuggets a 50% chance of retaining Iggy. I struggle to agree that he's a MAX CONTRACT kind of player as well. But he could really be a good fit with the Denver Nuggets if they figure out a way to keep him in my opinion.

Josh Smith - My bias here - can't stand his game. He's a good shot blocker, but a chucker on offense. I don't like chuckers. At all. And not only is he a chucker, but he can't hit a free throw. He'd drive me nuts if he was on my team. And he's another guy who I really think is going to be overpaid by someone.

Tyreke Evans - He's got an offer sheet from the New Orleans Pelicans he's agreed to for 4 years for $44 million. Another guy getting over paid in today's market. But he at least has some room for growth still. I don't see Sacto matching this offer, I certainly wouldn't. But Ranadive may want to make some sort of "statement" for whatever reason, so it wouldn't be a surprise to me if he stays with the Sacramento Kings.

David West - I've loved his game for a long time. Guy works hard every night. He can hit a jumper, doesn't shy from clutch shots, rebounds, and plays solid defense. I don't see him leaving the Indiana Pacers. He'd be a really good Spur though.

Nikola Pekovic - I think the Minnesota Timberwolves let someone else set the market price for Pek and then match. At least I hope they do. He's really grown on me this past season. The guy is a beast. Not a MAX beast, but a guy I'd really like to see stay in Minnesota. He scores well without having to be the focus of the offense. He takes quality shots, knows his limits, and works incredibly hard. And he's a bruiser on defense.

Andrei Kirilenko - I think the Minnesota Timberwolves would like to keep him, but I don't know that they'll be able to do so. He's so incredibly gifted, but such a fragile player physically. If Denver loses Iggy, I could see AK-47 giving it a go there, but I don't know how they'd make the money work. Tough to guess where he'll land if he moves.

Tiago Splitter - If Houston doesn't win the Howard Sweepstakes, I could see Splitter leaving the San Antonio Spurs but staying in Texas. He plays great defense, doesn't need to be the focus of the offense to score, and works hard every night. A good piece for a lot of teams.

Paul Millsap - I'd love to Millsap find an established playoff team to join where he could come off the bench as the 6th man and fill a lot of minutes through the game. I could see him being incredible in that role. But the question is, will anyone who'll be footing his bill be willing to use him like that?

Tony Allen - I love guys who play defense. But I still don't like Tony Allen. If he could just become more consistent on a single thing on offense, and quit being so annoying, I'd love him. He's another guy who could really benefit from joining a playoff contender. He's not the guy who can get you to the playoffs, but he's the guy who can make the difference if you already have that roster.

Jeff Teague - Teague is a restricted free agent, and unless someone throws silly money at him, I suspect he stays put with the Atlanta Hawks. I think especially so if Josh Smith moves on, which I fully expect.

Brandon Jennings - Stupidly, I think the Milwaukee Bucks will pay whatever it takes to match this restricted free agent's offer sheet. Jennings is a high volume chucker who needs the ball in his hands. A smaller Antoine Walker. Yikes! I don't think my forehead could withstand all the wall pounding it would get if he was on my team. Guy can score in bunches, but at too high of a cost in my opinion.

Al Jefferson - I've seen enough of Big Al to know I'd want nothing to do with him on my team. Yes he can score, and is a solid rebounder. But he makes Dan Marino look fast. And he's a black hole if you throw the ball in to him. But if your team is desperate for a rebounder, you'll be over paying for him some time soon. I don't see him sticking with the Utah Jazz.

Kevin Martin - I really liked Martin's roll for the Oklahoma City Thunder this past season. And I'm going to laugh when he walks here shortly! He scores well, doesn't need to be the focus of the offense at this point in his career, and he makes you pay if you try to double off of him. Great floor spreader, and would be a great piece for a bunch of playoff teams. He's very unlikely to go to a struggling team in my opinion. I think in the right system he's got some good years left, especially as a specialist.

J.R. Smith - I'll personally be surprised to see him leave the New York Knicks. I can't stand his game. He's a chucker. And a knucklehead. He's streaky, and can at times play really good defense. I do love his dunks though.

Manu Ginobili - I don't see Manu going anywhere. What he can contribute to the San Antonio Spurs moving forward will be interesting to see. He didn't have much in the tank in the Finals, and I'm afraid the miles on those wheels are starting to catch up to him. He likely could still be a lethal three point shooter used situationally for a few more years if he wants to hang on for that long. But more and more he's going to be exposed on defense.

Monta Ellis - Chucker. Wouldn't want him on my team. He's going to land on a bad team where he can fill the stat sheet with lots of shots and a fair amount of points. No thanks.

Nate Robinson - I'd give Nate money far before some of the guys above on this list (looking at you Brandon Jennings).

Jarrett Jack - Jack is a GREAT backup point guard. But there is no way I'd make him my starting point guard. If you know how and when to use him, he can be a great tool. I'd love to see him back up Tony Parker in San Antonio. I feel that Pop could really use him well.

Greg Oden - I'd love to see the Spurs land him, and for him to actually get healthy and find a place in the NBA. Another guy who I'd only give a single year or at most two years to, with team options beyond that. Scary how fragile he's shown to be thus far.

Lots of other guys - what do you think? Who goes where? Who gets paid? Who gets over paid? What team(s) have buyers remorse come the All Star Game?