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Russell Wilson: Let Him Have It

Russell Wilson sends a green and gold tweet.


Russell Wilson. I really like this guy. First of all, in my opinion, he is a budding superstar who will be quarterbacking the Seattle Seahawks for a very long time. As he develops, I don't think Super Bowls are pipe dreams with him at the healm. Of course, I've been wrong before.

Second of all, he seems to be a really great guy who is easy to root for.

Finally (for the purpose of this article), he's out there on Twitter today with the following statement...

Are we going to let this slide Sonics fans? The man is challenging us to once again support the Sonics' return. Do we need more of an invitation? Wilson is very popular and, when he tweets, many people notice. Free publicity. He's giving us a shout out. Let's shout back.

Let him have it. #GoSonics