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Can Sonics Fans Swing an Election?

If it isn't obvious, we are certainly trying to impact the Mayoral race in Seattle, and the Seattle Weekly thinks we have a chance:

Matt Driscoll states:

"Given this math, it seems reasonable to say a few thousand basketball fans could have a direct impact on the race"

The time to do it is right now. This primary turnout is so small that any coordinated effort to vote or bring out your friends to vote can make a big difference. If you live in Seattle all it takes is dropping one letter into the mail. If you live outside of Seattle take the time to reach out to friends who live in the city and actively ask them to vote. We have the numbers.

I have personally chosen to vote to re-elect Mayor Mike McGinn but I understand that not everybody shares that perspective. Regardless of your preferred candidate I urge you to vote against Peter Steinbrueck.

Steinbrueck and his supporters looked at the Sodo arena proposal without any eye for opportunity and seemed to prefer seeing the city move backward over dealing with the issues that vibrancy and growth inevitably bring. He lacks faith in Seattle's ability to provide solutions to big city problems.

The issue with him and his ILWU supporters is much bigger than just a support of basketball. These are the type of people who don't mind letting assets like the Sonics go because they are scared of growth and change. They can't comprehend change in Sodo because they cling strongly to their vision of what the city used to look like.

All we have to do is put an envelope in the mail. Please call your friennd, send out e-mails, whatever.