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Decision Day? Part Deaux

Big day in the Phoenix Coyotes story.

The Glendale city council is set to vote Tuesday on a lease agreement that doesn't seem to be agreeable to the potential NHL investors who want to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in town. The major sticking point seems to be a 5 year out clause for the city.

Paul Gilbin sent out the following tweets Monday night.

Paul Giblin ‏@PaulGiblinAriz 13m
The #Glendale City Council is going ahead with Tuesday's vote on a proposed #Coyotes deal that the prospective owners say is a deal breaker.

Paul Giblin ‏@PaulGiblinAriz 9m
#Glendale Councilman Gary Sherwood told me a few tweaks could be made to the #Coyotes deal just before Tuesday's vote.

Paul Giblin ‏@PaulGiblinAriz 7m
Tuesday's #Glendale City Council meeting is set to start at 7 p.m. Arizona time, but the #Coyotes vote may not come until hours later.

The NHL has indicated that Tuesday is the deadline for a deal to get done and that, if the council doesn't approve a deal THAT HAS BEEN AGREED ON by the potential investors, relocation is a definite and likely option.

So will both sides dig in their heels and try to paint the other as the bad guy or will Councilman Sherwood pull a rabbit out of his hat? We shall soon see.


Guess who's coming to dinner?

Darren Dreger‏@DarrenDreger3m
Bettman and Daly will be in Glendale for the councils vote. Expect ample discussion prior to the vote, so it will be late before vote is in.

What this means is anybody's guess. Don't panic or rejoice.

This day in Sonics history

Remember what happened on July 2, 2008? Hint: It was the worst day in the history of Seattle sports. Could the five year anniversary go better for us?

Bill Wixey ‏@BillWixey 1h
Ironically, it could be the day #NHL arrives in #Seattle. #NHLSEATTLE RT @sonicsman: 5 YEARS AGO! "HEARTBREAK DAY"!


According to the Craig Morgan tweets below, the potential Glendale investors have added a significant partner. Does this signal that they are preparing to accept the counter offer? Does it signal that they are trying to convince the city council to drop the 5-year out clause? Combination of the two?

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
Renaissance Sports & Entertainment (RSE) has hired industry leader Global Spectrum to ensure the financial (cont)

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
Global Spectrum is a subsidiary of Comcast-Spectacor, which also owns, among other businesses, the Philadelphia Flyers.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
Global Spectrum manages the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Flyers, and the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
The deal with Global creates the opportunity to push smaller events from UOP to Arena while keeping them in Glendale.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
Global is widely considered the industry leader. It can ensure more event dates for ; more revenue for Glendale.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
More revenue for Glendale is the obvious gain for the city here. Global was not one of the original Beacon bids, which surprised many.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
@mrhoffman02 Correct. Global would work for RSE.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
Statement from RSE's Anthony LeBlanc on the deal with Global Spectrum: "As owners of an NHL franchise and (cont)

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
Comcast-Spectacor President Peter Luukko's statement: "Combining Global Spectrum's management of the stadium (cont)

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
In addition to UOPS, Global Spectrum manages more than 110 other public assembly facilities around the world.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
#Coyotes COO Mike Nealy will also be in attendance.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
Sorry, I should clarify something. RSE did not hire Global Spectrum. They have joined as partners.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 2h
RSE's Anthony LeBlanc and Avik Dey will also be in Glendale tonight.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 1h
@Hummer53 @gfallar There are other items on the agenda. A couple may be tabled.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 1h
@PeterDellOlio Council meeting starts at 7 p.m. No telling when the vote will come.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 1h
#Coyotes GM Don Maloney also plans to attend tonight's council vote in Glendale. Coach Dave Tippett is in Minnesota exercising his dogs.