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Free Agents: Who Is Still Worth Getting?

With all the big names of the 2013 NBA free agent class taken, who is left to get?

Mike Ehrmann

With all the big money handed out and the free agent feeding frenzy over, its time to look at what is left.

First Tier

Chris Andersen | UFA | Miami Heat
Last season Andersen was a huge piece off the bench for the Heat down the stretch and in the playoffs. He helped control Roy Hibbert, David West and Tim Duncan in helping the Heat get their second straight title. He was the perfect first big off the bench for them and the Heat would be incredibly dumb not to bring him back. He is 34 years old, but doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
Other fits: Golden State, Denver, Utah

Chauncey Billups | UFA | Los Angeles Clippers
The Clippers appear to be ready to move on from the recently oft injured Mr. Big Shot. It's probably time that Billups consider hanging it up or take a lesser role with a team that could use vet on the bench that plays limited minutes, but acts more like a coach. He would also have to consider taking the veterans minimum as well. He could conceivably do this with the Clippers, they have a few roster spots to fill and he would be a great mind to add to Doc Rivers staff.
Other fits: Houston, Portland, Indiana

Andrew Bynum | UFA | Philadelphia 76ers
The 76ers thought they had their center of the future with Bynum and he didn't even put on the uniform once for them. It appears now that Bynum is going to have to take a one year contract to try and reprove himself in the league. Only Dallas, Cleveland and Atlanta appear to be in on him.
Other fits: Miami, Denver, Utah, Golden State

Monta Ellis | UFA | Milwaukee Bucks
Ellis is one of those guys who is extremely talented and you love to watch play, but you never really want him on your team, especially if he's your best player. He cost himself $11M opting out early from his contract with the Bucks and he's not going to come close to making up that up on the market now. He's an undersized SG and should want to go to a team where he can thrive in a situation where he can own the ball off the bench. Turns out the Sacramento Kings are really in love with him, but he in no way should start ahead of Greivis Vasquez and Ben McLemore.
Fits: Portland, Utah, Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings

Brandon Jennings | RFA | Milwaukee Bucks
Brandon Jennings wants $12M a year from the Bucks, the Bucks want to pay him more like $8M. The Hawks would pay Jennings $12M and that is why there is talk of a sign and trade between the Bucks and Hawks for Jennings and Jeff Teague. There isn't a market to pay a PG that averages 17 points, 5 assists, shoots under 40% from the field $12M a year.
Potential sign and trade partners: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit

Wesley Johnson | UFA | Phoenix Suns
Johnson was the fourth overall pick in the 2010 draft and despite being labeled a bust he has talent and can still be salvaged in the right situation. He's not going to be a star in the league, nor should he be a starter. He does however have a very sweet stroke, but lacks confidence. He needs to go to a young team on the rise or a vet team that will build him up.
Fits: Portland, San Antonio, Houston, Chicago

Gary Neal | RFA | San Antonio Spurs
You know what makes me believe that the NBA is getting smarter? Gary Neal did not get a $38M contract offer the first day of free agency because of his one good performance in the Finals. Five years ago Minnesota, Toronto, New York and Detroit would have been throwing gobs of money at him. Instead he sits and waits for a new contract. Rumors are the Spurs won't match and there are a host of teams that could use his services.
Fits: Detroit, Portland, Golden State, Oklahoma City, Houston, Indiana, New York, Chicago

Greg Oden | UFA | Portland Trailblazers
You genuinely have to feel bad for Oden. He's a nice guy who suffered from the curse of the Blazers #1 overall pick. The thing is he has the talent to be one of the better centers (maybe top five, maybe) in the league. He has touch with both hands from around the rim, block shots softly ala Bill Russell, has a great outlet pass and rebounds well. A lot of teams should be willing to take a flyer on him. Miami seems to be the highest on him.
Other fits: San Antonio, Houston, Memphis, Cleveland, Boston

Nikola Pekovic | RFA | Minnesota Timberwolves
There was allegedly going to be this huge push to steal Pekovic away from the Timberwolves. The market never really materialized and it looks like the Wolves are bidding against themselves.
Fits: Minnesota

Nate Robinson | UFA | Chicago Bulls
Soon I think we can start calling the one year deal the Nate Robinson contract. Robinson has played for five teams in eight years and soon to be six in nine. Robinson isn't a starter in the league, he's a high energy scorer that should come off the bench and lead the second unit for a playoff team.
Fits: Chicago, Golden State, Denver, Utah

Second Tier

Corey Brewer | UFA | Denver Nuggets
Fits: Denver, Utah, Portland

Jason Collins | UFA | Washington Wizards
Fits: New York, Utah, Indiana, Memphis

Wayne Ellington | UFA | Cleveland Cavaliers
Fits: Denver, Portland, Utah, Golden State, Dallas, Memphis, Detroit

Tyler Hansbrough | UFA | Indiana Pacers
Fits: Portland, Golden State

Andrei Kirilenko | UFA | Minnesota Timberwolves
Fits: Memphis, Utah, Washington, Toronto

Former Sonics/Northwest Players

Aaron Brooks | UFA | Houston Rockets
Fits: Golden State, Utah, Minnesota

Austin Daye | UFA | Memphis Grizzlies
Fits: Minnesota, Milwaukee, Phoenix

Johan Petro | UFA | Atlanta Hawks
Fits: Atlanta, Utah, Boston

Vladimir Radmanovic | UFA | Chicago Bulls
Fits: Milwaukee, Denver, Golden State

Kurt Thomas | UFA | New York Knicks
Fits: Phoenix, Golden State, Lakers

Ronny Turiaf | UFA | Los Angeles Clippers
Fits: Clippers, Lakers, Golden State, Sacramento

Chris Wilcox | UFA | Boston Celtics
Fits: Lakers, Phoenix, Dallas

Damien Wilkins | UFA | Philadelphia 76ers
Fits: Philadelphia, Orlando, Boston

Terrence Williams | UFA | Boston Celtics
Fits: Washington, Milwaukee