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Primary Season is Coming

The mayoral primary is like game one of a playoff series. A win in game one does not count any more than any other win in the series but if it is decisive it can make a big statement and set the tone for future match-ups.

The mayoral primary is like draft day. In many ways it is an off-season event, having no direct impact on any final score but any team that screws it up is doomed to be irrelevant when the real competition gets going.

This year the primary will start around July 15th when ballots are received by voters. It will end on August 13th when those ballots are due. The top two candidates in the primary move onto the general election from which our mayor will be selected.

After all the beatings we have taken in the last several years imagine how terrible we will feel if that primary gives us a choice between Peter Steinbreuck and Ed Murray:

"I am not at all accepting of the Sodo site at this time." Peter Steinbrueck, who would work actively to undo the deal and kill Chris Hansen's arena plan told the Stranger.

That would leave us championed at the city level by Murray, whom is mildly more supportive and would not actively undo the existing legislation but leads off addressing the arena situation candidly stating "The stadium would not have been my priority."

It is tough to get active with no real arena news but I am hoping that each and every person who reads this blog and supports the Sonics will be active between July 15 and August 13th. Choose to vote in the primary and make a point of asking your friends to do the same. Tweet, post and broadcast a call to vote as aggressively as we did when the Port opposed our deal last summer. We can be that loud.

Be ready for another surge. Do it at the right time, strike hard and be active. Send a message that we haven't given up and the politicians need to stay supportive. If we don't stay loud all of our previous work may wind up wasted.