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Recap: Seattle Pro-Am

Julie Salinas

If you are looking for a recap from today's Jamal Crawford Pro-Am check out the AP report version here by Tim Booth.

A few select quotes:

If there was any questioning if Seattle still loves Durant, it was put to rest Sunday.

"I just want to say I miss you guys," Durant told a crammed small-college gym filled with about 3,000 fans, many in Durant's old Seattle SuperSonics jersey. "Thank you for the warm welcome. I can't wait to come back."


Durant tried to slip away from the gym quietly, but fans found his SUV and surrounded it nearly an hour after the game ended. Instead of forcing his way through, Durant stopped, signed autographs and posed for pictures from the backseat of his vehicle.

Shortly after his game ended, Durant tweeted, "I love and miss Seattle."


Durant reached out to Crawford to try and figure out a way to make an appearance. A summer of waiting finally came to fruition Sunday as 3,000 fans packed a small-college gym to see Durant, Crawford and other NBA players put on a show.

"He reached out to me to come perform before in front of you guys," Crawford told the crowd at Seattle Pacific University. "He loves Seattle. He took his own jet. He spent a lot of money to come up here and perform in front of you guys."

Click through and read the whole article when you have a chance.

As I see other reports roll in, I'll add them below.

Percy Allen covers it over on the Seattle Times as well.

USA Today - It's Time for Seattle to have and NBA team - by Nate Scott.