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NBA/NHL Roundup

Some recent tidbits from the two leagues we are trying to become part of.


"The Glove" inspired "The Rant"

According to an article, which you can read by clicking here, Gary Payton inspired the famous "talking about practice" rant by Allen Iverson, who is preparing to officially retire from the NBA. Here is an excerpt.

"We were out somewhere during a summer, and we were all out having a good time, and we had a little bit too many... and he asked me, he said ‘how do you keep your body is so good of a shape, and don't get hurt, and stay always on the court?' And I just told him for real, my coach George Karl didn't let me practice. So that was it. I said ‘You have to stop practicing.'"

Then after the legendary Iverson practice rant press conference?

"Oh no not this, don't say it like that. Don't say it like that Allen."

I really miss watching Gary.

New president of players union: Chris Paul

Hail to the chief. His name is Chris Paul.

As documented in an article at, which you can read by clicking here, Paul was elected president of the NBA Players Union on Wednesday. Here is a passage from the article.

Paul was elected president of the players' union Wednesday, replacing Derek Fisher and giving an organization cloaked in turmoil some much-needed star power at the top.

The vote by NBA player representatives came six months after the union fired Billy Hunter as executive director, a position that remains vacant and follows about 18 months of in-fighting and drama that occurred during the negotiations for the latest collective bargaining agreement. Hunter countered with a wrongful-termination lawsuit in May, accusing Fisher of conspiring with NBA officials during the 2011 lockout.

One question: When he is serving in his new role, will Paul dress like his long lost twin?

David Stern has a favorite for players union executive director?

Rule of thumb for pretty much anything. If Stern wants something, it should concern everyone involved.

Tim Duncan has his own judge

It is good to be an NBA superstar. It comes with multiple limousines, big houses, and women. Lots of women.

Tim Duncan, however, has one-upped his colleagues with an added bonus. A judge that makes house calls.

According to an article at, which you can read by clicking here, Duncan recently finalized his divorce in a private court proceeding that took place out of court at his lawyer's request. Here is an excerpt.

In an unusual and secret hearing Tuesday that didn't even occur at the Bexar County Courthouse, state District Judge David A. Canales granted the divorce between Duncan and his college sweetheart, Amy.

The judge later told the San Antonio Express-News that he held the hearing during his lunch hour at the offices of Tim Duncan's lawyer, Sue Hall, at her request. The couple and their lawyers were present.


Last season for Jagr?

According to an article at, which you can read by clicking here, Jaromir Jagr is leaning toward retiring at the conclusion of the upcoming season. Here is an excerpt.

Jagr has 681 goals and 1,688 points in 1,391 regular-season appearances for Pittsburgh, Washington, New York Rangers, Philadelphia, Dallas and Boston. He won the Stanley Cup twice with the Penguins and reached the Final again last year with the Boston Bruins, who lost a six-game series to the Chicago Blackhawks. Jagr has 78 goals and 199 points and in 202 playoff games.

Jagr ranks 10th in the NHL for goals scored in a career. Behold his highlights.

Not bad, Mr. Jagr. Not bad.

Ducks lose Souray to wrist injury reports that Sheldon Souray will miss 4-6 months this season due to a wrist injury he suffered off of the ice. Click here to read the full story.

Souray's lengthy absence is a blow to the defending Pacific Division champions, who also signed former Edmonton defenseman Mark Fistric to a one-year deal worth $900,000.

Souray made a solid debut with the Ducks last fall, getting seven goals and 10 assists with a plus-19 rating. He is a key power-play contributor with his booming slap shot, one of the NHL's best.

Here's one of those boomers.