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Some Days Matter More Than Others

Make your voice heard and get others to join in!

With 7 years invested in this battle and more obviously ahead Sonics fans know that it is not possible to bring the enthusiasm each and every day. There are lulls in the action. There are many days when, by unspoken agreement we all understand that it is not worth the energy to rally the troops. Other days are more impactful and as such deserve greater energy on our part.

When the Sacramento acquisition turned bad a lot of the Peter Steinbruecks of the world smiled and figured we were finished. They thought, perhaps correctly that we had shot our wad and that we just would not have the energy or maturity to recover from another setback and rally ourselves for yet another fight. They expect us to roll over. They believe that we will be unable to have the discipline to regroup, pick our moments and continue making a difference even while Hansen figures out his next plan.

We've already done a great job proving them wrong. We have impacted this election both by bolstering opposition for Peter Steinbrueck and by our huge support of Mike McGinn. We've shown to be active politically in a way people do not expect Sports fans to be. I do not know whether Mike McGinn will win the mayors race but I believe that our impact on his campaign is indisputable. If he performs higher than expectations it will send a clear message that ANY elected official needs to recognize our voice. If Ed Murray winds up being the winner in the end he will notice our loud voice. If Steinbruecks people are active and slide him in they will know that we represent strong opposition and be ready to fight us head on.

So today is the day.

Its the last call and ballots are due tomorrow. We can be really active for 24 hours, prove our point and then go back to routing for the Seahawks until November when we will do it all again. Please actively RT and share our messages on social media. Consider working one of the last shifts at the phone banks. Reach out directly to friends and family who live in Seattle, not via mass e-mails or twitter but by a personal request, text or call. Its amazing how people respond to direct contact and most households contain multiple voters. If 20 readers of this site contribute via social media we can trend all day with #McGinnForTheWin and #BeatPeter. If 500 Sonics fans get 5 friends to vote those 2500 people we will represent more than 10% of the votes expected to carry a candidate through the primary.

Don't miss the moment. Be active today. Thanks!