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Seattle Arena Designs Continue To Evolve

In the midst of an important primary in the Seattle mayoral race and in the aftermath of two foiled team acquisition attempts in the last few months, one thing in Chris Hansen's quest to build an NBA/NHL arena is still on track.

Arena design.

According to an article at, Hansen's team is still hard at work on the design process of the proposed Sodo Arena and has released new artist renderings in advance of a City Review Board meeting on the subject at 5:30 tonight.

You can read the article and watch a slideshow of the renderings by clicking here.

Here are some highlights from the article.

The biggest change is at the main entry on the north side of the arena and entertainment venue. Gone are the stairs leading up to the entrance and a view-blocking, shadow-casting "fin wall" along First Avenue.

Other changes included the addition of on-site parking, and a change in the color of the shell structure of the arena. The exterior of the building has been made more transparent as well.