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Silver on Hansen Donation: No Impact On Seattle's Chances

Expansion isn't imminent, but if it was Chris Hansen's donation to arena opposition in SacTown wouldn't prevent it.

Patrick McDermott

According to incoming NBA commissioner Adam Silver and current commissioner David Stern, Chris Hansen's donation to an anti-arena group in Sacramento will not negatively impact his chances of bringing an NBA franchise back to Seattle.

Percy Allen quoted Silver and Stern in an article at the Seattle Times, which you can read by clicking here.

Here's some Silver quotes on the matter.

Silver indicated concerns about anyone holding a grudge are overblown.

"We have a lot of competitive owners in the league," he said "I'm sure all of that will be put behind us."

"I haven't talked to Chris since those allegations came out. I think as he said, he got caught up in the moment."

Commissioner David Stern agreed.

When asked about Hansen's financial contribution to the anti-Sacramento arena group, he said: "I don't think that matters vis-à-vis the NBA and Seattle's potential at all."

So that's good news. Right? Assuming we believe anything that David Stern says.

Here's the less than good news from the story, assuming we believe anything that Adam Silver says. Expansion doesn't seem to be on the immediate table. Check out the following quote.

"I would never say it's never going to happen. There's nothing in the works at the moment.

"We were very clear when we were going through the issue with Steve Ballmer and Mr. Hansen that expansion was not in the cards right now."