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Dwyane Wade: In the Best Shape of His Life?

The first of many pre-training camp cliché stories.

Marc Serota

Dwyane Wade has been having some knee issues the past few years.  This has obviously slowed down his production and the amount of time he can spend on the court.  The past few seasons Pat Riley has tried to get Wade to drop some weight to preserve his knees.

Wade has been more than resistant.

The past few seasons Wade has had his playing weight around 220-225.  Playing at this weight was designed to absorb more impact when he attacks the rim, take more punishment in the upper body and allow him to finish and get more of those and-1 chances.  Riley realized this can't happen if Wade is not on the court or can't get around defenders due to bad knees.  Thus the begging for him to drop weight the past few seasons and Wade has finally listened.

Word on the street is Wade is currently sitting around 212 pounds with the intent of dropping a few more pounds before training camp and then a few more before the start of the season.  Could we see Wade around 205 pounds?  A weight he played at when he was at Marquette and early in his career when he won his first championship.

I don't know if he's in the best shape of his life.  Hard to imagine a world class athlete being in better shape now at 31 than when he was between 18-24.

Let's just say that Wade is and start rolling with these pre-training camp clichés.