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UPDATED (AGAIN!) - The Intimidators: Sonics Bruising

Feel out of touch with the NBA and want to change that? Join our Sonics Bruising Fantasy League.

Just rub some dirt on it.
Just rub some dirt on it.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

I know that many of you don't want anything to do with the NBA until we get a team back and I completely respect that, but we want to offer an option to those of you who feel differently. If you want to stay in touch with or re-familiarize yourself with the league, we invite you to join what will not be your average fantasy basketball league

It's called Sonics Bruising and it will be different because of scoring.

Points will still be important, but our league will place greater emphasis on what I call intimidation statistics, such as fouls, blocks, and ejections. Check out the following tentative scoring table to see what I mean.


Under this system, you can still do well if you draft Durant or Lebron, but you can also do well with players who do more fouling than scoring. It should impact the way you setup your draft board.

This will be a head-to-head league and opponents will face each other for a week at a time. You set your lineup for the week and let the smack talk begin.

We can have up to 20 players in the league. If you are interested, just make a post in this thread with "I'm in" as the subject. If more than 20 people want to play, we can create more than one league.

I will email league invitations and details to the address associated with your SBNation account.


We currently have 12 people who have committed to playing in the league. They are as follows.

Paul Rogers


Chris Meirose


Kevin Nesgoda

Kevin Smith

Mike Baker


Eric E



Manmade Seacow

If I missed anyone or if anyone else wants to play, let me know as soon as possible. We have 8 slots open for a 20-team league. If those get taken up, we can do two leagues.


Our draft will be automatic and will take place October 22. Two people haven't responded to their invitations from before so I just sent new invitations. I also just sent two additional invitations to the new requests at the bottom of this thread. Please get your teams setup asap and start working on your boards.