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Kevin Nesgoda on The Phil Naessens Show

Kevin joins Phil Naessens to discuss the events that lead to the team leaving Seattle and the hope of getting a new team back in the near future.

On today’s Phil Naessens Show

Segment 1: SLC Dunk Managing Editor Amar joins Phil to talk about his new podcast, appropriately named The SLC Dunk Podcast and how the Utah Jazz will match up with the Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings this upcoming season plus much more.

Segment 2: Sonics Rising Managing Editor Kevin Nesgoda joins Phil to discuss what really happened to the Seattle SuperSonics, who he feels is to blame for the team to be taken for Seattle, getting past the loss of his boyhood team and moving forward as an individual fan and a fan base plus much more.

Segment 3: SLC Dunk Managing Editor Amar returns to discuss how the Utah Jazz will match up with the Phoenix Suns and the New Orleans Pelicans plus much more.