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NFL Playoff Open Thread

I shall say this as objectively as possible. GO HAWKS!!!

Lynch and Wilson
Lynch and Wilson

Today's playoff matchups feature two showdowns between the old guard and the new guard.

In the 1:35 game, the highly seasoned Drew Brees leads his New Orleans Saints on the road. Will he be leading them to the slaughter once again versus youngster Russell Wilson and the Seahawks? I certainly hope so, as do the many thousand fans who will be screaming at the old man without mercy today.

Old dog Tom Brady and the New England Patriots host young pup Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts in the 5:15 contest. Will Luck out duel the seasoned gun slinger? Honestly, does it matter? It seems to me that the AFC playoffs are a contest to see who gets to be the NFC's sacrificial lamb.

These should be two really good games and I know all you experts will have a lot to say about them, especially the first contest. So bang it here with your clever armchair play-by-play.