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Why George Karl Should be the Next Coach of the Washington Wizards

The reigning coach of the year, George Karl, doesn't have a job and in Washington they are in dire need of a successful coach who can motivate their players.

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda


Last season George Karl was the NBA Coach of the Year, leading the Denver Nuggets to 57 wins and a third seed in the Western Conference playoffs. The Nuggets unfortunately lost to the Golden State Warriors in six games in the opening round of the playoffs.

In his nine seasons with the Nuggets he was only able to get them out of the first round once. This ultimately led to his firing from Denver.

Being a homer for George Karl, I'll admit he isn't the best at making in-game adjustments or sometimes adjusting to teams during a playoff series. There are numerous examples that stretch out through his long resume.

If you do look at his resume though, you see nothing but success after joining the Seattle Supersonics during the 1991-92 campaign. He's won at least 50% of his games as a head coach during the regular season in his 21 years on the bench. With the Sonics he made the Western Conference Finals twice and the NBA Finals once. With the Milwaukee Bucks he had them within one game of the NBA Finals during the 2000-01 season and with the Nuggets he got them to the Western Finals in 2008-09 season, pushing the eventual champion, Los Angeles Lakers, to six games.

It's a travesty that George Karl did not gain traction for any jobs this past offseason. He's one of the best coaches out there. Currently the NBA is in a youth movement and there are a lot of young assistant coaches who got an opportunity to move up this past year and some are doing better than others, but they have not been proven completely incompetent yet.

However, there is one team in the Eastern Conference that is having some issues and not quite living up to expectations. The Washington Wizards have suffered some injuries early on in the year, but they have one of the best young backcourts in the game in John Wall and Bradley Beal. Trevor Ariza and Martel Webster are a more than competent enough duo at the small forward position and Nene and Marcin Gortat are a solid pair in front court. Their bench is all right, but leaves some things to be desired.

On that bench sits Randy Wittman, the current head coach. He has recently admitted after a humiliating loss to the Boston Celtics that he's not motivating his team enough. There is no reason that Wizards should have lost to a backcourt comprised of Vander Blue and Chris Johnson.

To me, if a coach isn't reaching his players and motivating them to play up to their full potential on a nightly basis then it is time for said coach to make his way out of time and try other life endeavors. The Wizards need a strong coach who has a track record of developing young players, turning them into stars and getting them to 50 plus wins a year. That is what the Wizards want and exactly what the fans are dying for.

So why not fire Wittman now and bring in George Karl to take over the Wizards?

There is not a more perfect roster in all of the NBA right now for George Karl to take over, mold into his image of press basketball and fact-paced, break neck offense. He would turn John Wall into a plus defender and not a minus. Wall has the ability to be a faster version of Gary Payton; no reason that he can't be the best point guard in the Eastern Conference and one of the three best in all of the NBA.

Karl is the coach that can take the Wizards from underachieving to at least a consistent three seed in the Eastern Conference every year. He may have a trouble getting past Indiana or Miami in the second round, but in the Eastern Conference he'll have a much easier time getting out of the first round, unlike his time in the cutthroat Western Conference.