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2013's Top Users at Sonics Rising

Who kept conversation going in 2013? Are you on the list?!?

Word Art by Chris Meirose

Sonics Rising is only what it is because of you - our readers and commenters.  So we wanted to give a shout out to some of our power users for their contributions in 2013.  The transition to SB Nation this year has been outstanding, and 2014 looks to be even better yet!  If you are reading and not commenting, we invite you to jump into the fray!  We'll only ever be as good as you help us become, so let's make 2014 even better yet!

Most Comments:
gstommylee 6348
Speedcat 6210
Playhouse 3982
Trolltossin 3912
catdawg2 3670
Kevin Nesgoda 3563
Taylor Made 3358
kinsesu 3295
Tommy_G 2685
Germ80 2267

If this was a race, Tommy & Jeremy would've almost lapped the field! Well done!

Most FanPosts:
WhoKnows? 15
smb282 9
catdawg2  7
ColmCanada 6
Playhouse  6
omari.amili 6
FlashGordon12 6
Chris Hafner 6
Tommy_G  5
Taylor Made  4

As the site grows and progresses FanPosts will be a key to keeping content fresh.  They're a great place for you to express ideas that we haven't and sometimes won't cover in the front page posts.  Keep it up guys and gals!  It is also a great place to sharpen your skills and be found if you have interest in being on staff at Sonics Rising as a writer.

Most FanShots:
Taylor Made  38
Kevin Nesgoda  9
primetimeMitch 5
Soundergarden 3
J.L. White 3
smb282  3
mkt42 2
SounderJunkie 2
chrees 1

FanShots are a cool tool for quick hitter kind of things.  Links to other sites and moving news that is time sensitive but might not deserve an article of its own.  Great for images and videos as well!