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Quick Hitter: Ken Berger Brings Up Relocation Again

In his latest piece Ken Berger of CBS Sports once again ties Seattle to a potential relocation spot of the Bucks. Is this national speculation or is there actually something to this?


On the eve of David Stern's retirement, Ken Berger had an interesting comment regarding the NBA in Seattle in his recap of Stern's career.

"Silver does have other micro-level obstacles to overcome. There is at least one more franchise relocation left, because Seattle will get a team and Milwaukee has a difficult arena fight ahead."

By the sounds of things, Milwaukee may be the next team to move. However expansion is not completely ruled out. With discussion for the new television deal underway, more information about relocation or expansion will soon come to light. New commissioner Adam Silver is scheduled to address the media during All Star Weekend.

Berger's full story can be read here.