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A Great Night in Louisville

Hoping to make a big impression on the league for potential expansion, NBA fans in Louisville came out in big numbers for a preseason game.

From the Facebook page of the movement
From the Facebook page of the movement
NBA to Louisville Facebook page

While we have never reported that NBA is expanding, we stand by our report that the NBA is considering expansion behind closed doors, in spite of Adam Silver's public stance, and that Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky are front runners in that discussion.

We have no further news to report on that front, but our potential expansion partners put their best foot forward last night.

Louisville opened up their doors for an NBA preseason game between the Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans. If they were trying to make a positive impression, they were successful. Check out the following tweets regarding attendance for the game.

Speaking of Rick Bozich, a Louisville reporter who doubts expansion will happen, he wrote about the game and had the following favorable quotes from the coaches of both the Pelicans and the Heat.

[Pelicans coach Montie] Williams had never seen the palace on Main Street. Now, he has. "It's big," he said. "I didn't expect the size. The locker rooms are really nice. It seems like a place where you'd have a professional basketball team. It's a great facility."

The compliments came in stereo. Listen to what Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. First, pre-game: "It looks like an NBA facility." Then, post-game: "What a great basketball town. Our guys enjoyed playing in front of the fans."

NBA proponents in Louisville feel good about the way things went and continue to be very upbeat about the city's chances for expansion. J. Bruce Miller, who has been trying to bring the league to Kentucky for years, said the following on his Facebook page.

Jack Spratt: It's coming. Just stay tuned. The 'big wheel' is turning and announcements will be made in 'due course.' Thanks to all who made last night a marvelous success and put Louisville on the major league professional sports landscape. Thanks to the Facebook Website "Bring the NBA to Lousiville" - which did a fabulous job in promoting the game. A great and 'proud' time was had by all. MORE TO COME -- SOON!!!!!

Here is some video from the game.

No matter what happens with expansion, the people in Louisville deserve kudos for the presentation last night.