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2014 SonicsRising Dunk Contest: Round 2

The people have spoken and the chosen three have advanced to the second round of the inaugural Sonics Rising dunk contest.


The first round is over and Paul Rogers has been eliminated, by a stark margin. He could not rally the votes to get him into the second round. Fear not Paul Rogers fans, here are his remaining dunks. We recorded them, so you should see them in all their gaggle of silverback gorilla glory.

Paul we hardly knew, ye!

Now it's time to get to people who know something about winning. Dunking first is Kevin Nesgoda, he came in third place in voting (16 votes).

Next is Carl Powers. He had 26 votes in the first round.

With 36 votes, we have the first round winner, Taylor Bartle, with his second round dunk.

Vote for your favorite dunk, show your friends and family to get the vote totals up. Finals will be later this week!