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Adam Silver: No Short-term Expansion, but Seattle 'Has Hope for an NBA Team'

The new NBA commissioner offered Seattle a cloud with a 'silver' lining.

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda

"David Stern is about this tall"
"David Stern is about this tall"
Patrick McDermott

Adam Silver spoke today at an event for CEO's in Boston and took a few questions, including some from sports law expert Michael McCann, who tweeted the following:

So, what does that mean for us? Are we looking at possible expansion in 2017 or are they not officially even discussing it until 2017? That year is three years from now and is also the approximate time that the Milwaukee situation could finally be resolved. Or did Silver actually say three years?

Sonics Rising contributor Steve Stearns sees things differently. "I'm reading three years as a qualifier that McCann put in there, not as anything that Silver actually told him," said Stearns. "Talk is cheap. Silver guaranteed nothing and as expected slammed the door shut on expansion, which was never realistic to begin with."

I honestly don't know what to make of Silver's remarks. Do you? Discuss.