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2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Challenge

Win and you have bragging rights for the whole year!

Alex Wong


We're moving our Sonics Rising bracket over to Yahoo. Apologies from me on it, SBN let us know after I created this group and our post that we roll with Yahoo on SBN for these sorts of things. I take the blame for not checking first, so fire your invectives at me. The Yahoo group for Sonics Rising is - and that is where you get your shot at a cool billion dollars.

Pool ID#: 189972 
Password: sonics

Readers of Sonics Rising - as you may be aware, there is still basketball, sweet, sweet basketball, being played outside of the NBA for those of you who for whom the NBA is still dead to you.

Therefore, we bring you this 2014 NCAA Tournament Challenge!

This is (now) a Yahoo league - Click here to join!

Win this, and you have bragging rights for the whole next year.

In the comments, let us know your reasoning on how you picked your bracket. Are you the kind who picks based on which mascot is toughest? Maybe you're going with the color orange this year? Or only teams that use animals and insects that fly?

Whatever it is, chime in and join in. Basketball is supposed to be fun, and it doesn't get much more fun the NCAA Tournament time in my opinion!

And despite the image I've selected for this article, anybody but Duke!