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Get up for "The Downstroke!" Sonics Rising Radio

In case you missed it last night - we hosted our first live call in show!

Last night was the maiden voyage for a Sonics Rising Radio program called "The Downstroke". The show is a collaboration by our Sonics Rising staff, loosely guided with Kevin Nesgoda at the helm.

Get it on iTunes or through a RSS feed if you prefer. Something to make your commute go by a little bit faster.

The topics were wide ranging between the NHL to Seattle, the arena situation, the Lakers, Knicks and Phil Jackson, and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We also got a recap of Dontae Delgado's trip to LA via Los Vegas that includes a story about a Venice Beach basketball game that is definitely worth a listen. Let's just say the words "he looked like a 50 year old 5'4" 250lb Slick Watts" was used in conjunction with the best hook shot shooting 3 point specialist Dontae has ever seen.

Perhaps the most fun part of the show for me personally (and for Taylor our resident Net's fan as well I suspect) was a prolonged discussion on the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony. Kick 'em when they're down! General consensus was that Melo needs to go to the Chicago Bulls, but will stay in New York City. I might have suggested that my first move of business were I Phil Jackson would be to delete James Dolan's phone number from my phone, and resolve to never answer it again if he calls me.

It was a great learning experience, and I assure you, it will get better. We had a good discussion after the show and have some clear things to move forward with and to improve on. And Kevin is working on lining up some special guests for future shows.

The show is also a call-in show, and we'd love to have you join us, or at least shoot us some questions that we might cover. We're tentatively shooting for once a week, but those sorts of details are a bit fluid.

Bumper music created by our own incredibly gifted in house music man - Steve Stearns.