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NCAA Tourney: Day 2 Open Thread

Talk about all the hoops here.

Kevin C. Cox

Here is the schedule for the day:

Duke vs. Mercer at 9:15am on CBS.

Nebraska vs. Baylor at 9:40am on TruTV.

Stanford vs. New Mexico at 10:40am on TBS.

Weber St. vs. Arizona at 11:20am on TNT.

Tennessee vs. UMass at 11:45am on CBS.

LA-Lafayette vs. Creighton at 12:10pm on TruTV.

Eastern Kentucky vs. Kansas at 1:10pm on TBS.

Oklahoma State vs. Gonzaga at 1:40pm on TNT.

George Washington vs. Memphis at 3:55pm on TBS.

Cal Poly vs. Wichita State at 4:10pm on CBS.

Providence vs. North Carolina at 4:20pm on TNT.

Stephen F. Austin vs. VCU at 4:27pm on TruTV.

Coastal Carolina vs. Virginia at 6:25pm on TBS.

Kansas State vs. Kentucky at 6:40pm on CBS.

North Carolina Central vs. Iowa State at 6:50pm on TNT.

Tulsa vs. UCLA at 6:57pm on TruTV.

How's your bracket?