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No Perfect Bracket Left! NCAA Tourney: Day 3 Open Thread

Everyone was out of the perfect bracket challenge in just the first round! How does your bracket look?!?

All game times listed in Pacific time zone.

1 Florida vs. 9 Pittsburgh at 9:15am on CBS.

4 Louisville vs. Saint Louis at 11:45am on CBS.

2 Michigan vs. 7 Texas at 2:15pm on CBS.

4 San Diego State vs. 12 North Dakota State at 3:10pm on TNT.

3 Syracuse vs. 11 Dayton at 4:10pm on TBS.

2 Wisconsin vs. 7 Oregon at 4:45pm on CBS.

4 Michigan State vs. 12 Harvard at 5:40pm on TNT.

2 Villanova vs. 7 University of Connecticut  at 7:40 on TBS.

I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that North Dakota State gives SDSU fits and pulls off the only upset of the day.

Any predictions by you?  Who wrecked your bracket?  Still in the running for the bragging rights here at Sonics Rising?